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Most of you knows mohstats.com. The stats-page of Dominik "1ApRiL" Herbst is probably the best page, if you want to take a look to your MoH-stats.

But many of you are playing together with friends or are in a clan, and want to have a leaderboard at the own (clan-)homepage. Now, you have ezStats!
Include ezStats to your clanpage or run it standing alone. Compare your and your mates' stats and rummage in depth in the data.

Features / contained functions
  • Installation and administration with a GUI
  • Option to include ezStats in a excisting homepage, or running it standalone (contains HTML- and CSS-code)
  • Ten different color combinations choosable
  • Easyliy modifiable because of using of templates and CSS
  • Many options for the leaderboard-overview: Selection of tables, average and total values, last update, aso.
  • Data-access over mohstats´s-API; if a player isn´t registered so far, this will be done automatically
  • Automatic check for new versions
  • Players can update on the leaderboard their statistics themselves
  • Leaderboard usable for PC, PS3 and XBox360
  • Manuals for including ezStats in many Content Management Systeme available:
    - Message boards (like phpBB, wBB, vBulletin, SMF)
    - Webspell
    - Wordpress
    - Joomla
    - PHP-Nuke
    - DZCP
    - PHPKIT
    - e107
    - Ilch
    - Clansphere
    - PHP Fusion
    - Easy Clanpage
  • Multilingual because of speechfiles; available so far:
    - english
    - german
    - italian (translation: Italian Army Force)
    - french (translation: Les CmG Clan)
    - czech (translation: Well Armed Team)
    - dutch (translation: Lion Pack)
    - russian (translation: MK Clan)

Download and Demo

  • Webserver with PHP5-support and cURL & JSON enabled
  • A SQL-database
  • Modern browser with javascript enabled

  • Unpack the zipfile and copy the folder to your webspace; f.e. to www.yourdomain.com/ezStats/
  • Run the installer (www.yourdomain.com/ezStats/install/) and follow the instructions.
  • To every step I wrote helping hints. If they aren´t understandable enough, please inform me.
  • Delete the install-folder after completing the installation, then open the adminpanel, add players and update stats then.
  • You can configure ezStats in the adminpanel too. If you want to change the look of ezStats, you can edit the file "stylesheets/userdefined.css".
  • If you already use ezStats for Bad Company 2, use for MoH another foldername and SQL-table-prefix!

Further informations...
  • To update your playerstats you can use the update-function in the adminpanel, or directly by calling this page: www.yourdomain.com/ezStats/update.php
  • If you won´t to do this manually, you can use a Cronjob.

  • A guide how to include ezStats into your clanpage you will find here: "Adminpanel -> Manuals to include ezStats to your CMS ".

  • Troubleshooting: If you have problems with installing or running ezStats, you will find here a FAQ. Otherwise I will give support in this thread.


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