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I posted this on P-Stats too - before I found this place.

This is amazing - thanks so much for all the effort. Any way to donate a few bucks for your effort

1) I would really love the vBulletin solution as well (www.firefightcompany.com)
2) I have implemented your standalone for now (http://www.firefightcompany.com/ezStats2/index.php)

3) My biggest question is - how can I use the 'custom' field that is built into ezStats to show the last time a player played BF3. We have a great need to add: "The last time a member played" is there any way to get this?

Column header would be: Last played
Row data could either be: 3 Days ago, today, or even at its simplest just a date 02/16/2011.

Is there any way this can be done using ezStats custom field? Please let me know! Again - can't thank you enough for the work you've put in.
16.02.2012 21:28  

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